To blame your actions is at a copout at best and at worst another example of perpetrators of wickedness hiding behind God to justify their own selfish, greedy, immoral actions. We heard it from the slave traders who transported Africans after kidnapping from their homeland. We heard it from the the colonists and Americans who took land from the Native Americans, We heard it from Legislators seeking to justify racist political doctrines such as Separate but Equal, Jim Crow and many others. The immutable problem with this response from Zimmerman is that it fails to appreciate human free will. One undeniable attribute of God is that He is completely sovereign. He knows everything and is in complete control of the universe. Another trait of God is that God loves His creation, and desires us all to turn to Him. Hence our free will. While God still knows what we will do He, who has control over everything allows us to make our own decisions. George Zimmerman chose to go after an unarmed high school student walking to go see his dad on his way from the store. George Zimmerman chose to go against the advice of the 911 operator, and Zimmerman chose to engage Trayvon by following and approaching him, and in the end he chose to take his life. It is very convenient for George to say this is apart of God’s plan but notice he never says God told him to do it, because God did not. I believe Zimmerman’s own predjudice and angst exemplified by what he shared with the 911 operator “they always get away.” Fest up George, if it was apart of God’s plan tell us then did God tell you to follow, approach and kill Trayvon Martin? Please tell me so we all truly can know what god you serve, because it surely is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the end as a Christian I still pray for you that you gain greater understanding and realize the err of your ways, but most importantly a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. I also pray for the Martin family’s comfort, peace and hope they do not credit God for your irresponsibile and needless act of prejudice.

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